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50 Years of Giving

3Cs 50th Anniversary


Thank you to everyone who contributed to making our "50 Years of Giving" celebration December 13, 2012 a tremendous success.


The 3Cs ended its 50 Years of Giving celebration year with a fabulous luncheon at the Hayden Lake Country Club on Thursday, December 13th. This luncheon was in lieu of our regular Christmas party. Along with the buffet lunch, there were two guest speakers: Marge Chadderdon, 3Cs member and former State Representative Legislature of the State of Idaho (Marge followed our Founder, Ellen Walden as president of 3Cs); and Coeur d'Alene's Mayor Sandi Bloem. In addition, our 3Cs Coeur d'Aleers entertained us with an original song written about the 3Cs.  Everyone has a wonderful time!


The Story of the 3Cs


Many years ago the Waldens came to town

They thought about the others who had also settled down

And asked their help in raising funds

To show the town they cared

For money they played cards and bowled

What fun times they all shared


Some played cards, some read a book

Some like to travel, some like to cook

Some play mah jongg, some go golfing

Some like gardening, others go bowling

Some play "bunco" some are singers or collectors or stichers

But ALL are winners


Fifty years of giving with fun along the way

Fifteen different interest groups

Encouraged them to play

The membership is growing in 3Cs every day

This dedicated group of gals is truly here to stay


So on this Golden Jubilee, we'll celebrate in song

We are proud to honor those who keep the 3Cs moving on


Words and Music by Barbara Campbell

Performed by 3Cs Coeur d'Aleers for our 50th Anniversary Celebration.



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