About 3Cs


Cancer & Community Charities, better known as "3Cs," is an organization of women volunteers committed to raising funds to fight cancer and to assist with worthwhile needs in our local community. It takes many hands to accomplish our fundraising goals each year. We collect annual dues (only $20 per year) and many of the activity group activities ask that you make a small donation.


Our major fundraiser, our Annual Spring Fashion Show, makes it possible for us to raise and then to donate a significant amount of money to many Kootenai County charities. 


Since our inception in 1962, we have given away over $2.3 Million to Kootenai County charities.

Cancer & Community Charities is an outgrowth of the Cancer Crusaders Bowling League started in 1962 by the late Ellen Walden and for whom the Walden House is named.


We were formally established in 1975 as a non-profit organization and since 1993 have been designated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.

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