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President's Message

Welcome to 2021!

I’m looking forward to moving past the COVID Pandemic and get back to doing what we do best -- having fun and fundraising for our community!  2020 was touch on 3Cs as we had to shut down most of our activities.  I am excited for spring and am hopeful for a return to normalcy -- whatever that may look like!

In past years, we have been able to impressively donate over $100,000 to our community. Last year's unprecedented shutdown and cancellation of many of 3Cs fundraiser events had severe ramifications on our ability to fundraise which had a negative result on our ability to donate to our local charities.


It was a heartbreaking decision for our Board earlier this year to make the decision not to donate this past fiscal year due to a lack of fundraising events. During the shutdown, we have been reminded that it is not HOW MUCH we give but rather HOW MUCH LOVE we put into our giving! 


Although we weren't able to give as much as we have in the past, we were able to give to some of our local food banks who were hit hard by those affected by job loss and the like due to COVID.

As we transition back into full operation, I believe our strengths will be our ability to be flexible and creative as we navigate the uncertain times ahead as a non-profit. I am confident we will get through this stronger, wiser and more bonded.

Stay well and hope to see you all soon!

Rhonda Newton, 3Cs President

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