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Garden Club


This fun group is open to all members who enjoy seeing and talking about plants. If you are preoccupied with outdoor plants and love to do walkabouts in other people's gardens, then join our group.  Annual dues are $15, and we meet the 1st Wednesday of the month from April to October.  All tours are subject to change; locations are emailed before each tour. Contact Barbara for the  Garden Club schedule.  


Barbara Zimmer, (208) 664-4192 or

Donation Requirement:

Annual dues are $15

Additional costs depend on the event.

Location and Dates:

Please call Barb for more information and to verify dates and locations.

Everyone is Welcome!

If you are (or would like to be) a garden enthusiast, this club is perfect for you.  We plan monthly events that typically include touring wonderful gardens.  You will gain inspiration, tips, and lasting friendships.


If you'd like to join the Garden Club, please contact Barbara. If you're not a 3Cs member, it's not too late to sign up!

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