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3Cs Activity Groups

3Cs is not your typical non-profit!  Instead of having our members just donate their money to charities, Cancer & Community Charities has a variety of Activity Groups its members can join.  We have fun while we are raising money for charity! 


Each group is open to 3Cs members. The donation requirements for each group vary. Some require additional yearly or monthly dues, some are event-based, and some just ask you to pay for lunch. Our groups are an affordable way to meet new people, socialize, and have fun (while still fundraising). 

If you're not a 3Cs member, sign up on our Join Now page.  Annual dues are only $25 and once you're a member of 3Cs, you can join as many Activity Groups as you like.


Don't forget to visit our Fundraising page for additional ways to get involved and help us raise money for our community!

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