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Officers, Board of Directors and Activity Group Contact Info



If you are interested in joining 3Cs, or if you have any questions about any of our Activity Groups, events, donations, etc. - Contact Us! 


President - Ann Dare

1st Vice President - Judy Gardner

2nd Vice President - Janice Schindelbeck

Recording Secretary - Connie Anderson

Treasurer - Lisa Thomas

Appointed Positions:

3Cs and Activity Group Membership - Karen Grindle

Newsletter & Email Communications - Vivi Finney

Facebook - Diane Hayman

Tributes - Sheila Wayman

Ways & Means - Bobbi Freeman*

Past President:

Rhonda Newton

Honorary Directors:

Dorothy Benoit                  

Jane Brooks 

Marge Chadderdon*

Caroline Crollard*              

Roberta Dubé

Mary Jo Friesz

Bobbi Freeman*

Barbara Gray*

Gratia Griffith*

Lola Hagadone

Corrine Larsen

Kathy Moseley*

Shelia Redfield*

Mary Sorenson


Board of Directors:

Sherry Beno

Marni Brunansky

Roberta Chausse

Kathy Hammett

Shirley Laurino

Phyllis Mixon

Barbara Neely

Linda Pedersen

Melissa Schroeder

Marilyn Smith

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